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Cherokee by Blood Not by Paper



1.    Cherokee HISTORY


2.    Cherokee GENEALOGY


3.    Cherokee Research Tools & Resources


4.    Cherokee Descendants Cultural Connections & Discussion  


Cherokee by Blood Not by Paper is for posting Cherokee History ONLY!!! Please re-frame from posting your personal ancestral history on the Cherokee History Group. The other 2 groups are for those who are interested in genealogy

Cherokee Descendants Cultural Connections & Discussion

This group is open for posting and discussing 'most' anything pertaining to the Cherokee People. There will be rules to follow. No other facebook groups, or members of such groups, will be bashed or talked badly about in this group. There will be no singling out or finger pointing of members in this group. Remember this is a 'DISCUSSION group and not a JUDGING group. Administrators will remove comments or such, delete any post that are negative, remove and ban members who choose not to follow rules. And there may be added more as needed.......This is for the benefit of all and equality of all.

CHEROKEE GENEALOGY  This group is for posting your ANCESTORS Only!!!   Please provide a separate post for each ancestor you're requesting help with. Following this simple rule will make it so much easier for you and those who are willing to help you in your search!!!

HELPING  Others Research Their  Ancestor  PLEASE ~ I Repeat ~ PLEASE Post the information you have for the Member AS a COMMENT Directly Under the Member’s ORIGINAL Help Request. Other wise it will be deleted in order to keep this group clean and easy to search  Wado!!!

Cherokee Research Tools & RESOURCES This is where we can post and store genealogy information. We just never know when we may need to find it again or  there maybe someone else who's has been looking for that same document, picture, census, marriage, birth, baptism, obituary and genealogy websites.

If you find it post it, for you just never know when someone is going to need it. However any and all post that are not genealogy material will be deleted in order to keep this group clean and easy to search.  Wado!!!

SEARCH GROUP TOPICS Just below the groups cover picture you will see the groups menu.  All the way to the far right of the menu, you will see what looks like a magnifying glass.  Click on it and type in a few words describing what you want to search for within the group.